Houdini experts and magic historians will convene in Charleston, SC for the Official Houdini Séance® on the evening of October 31, 2023. The event has been a tradition since Harry Houdini, the magician and escapologist died on Halloween in 1926.

“Houdini made a pact with various magicians that if there was a way to return from the dead, he would do it,” said Séance co-director, Bill Radner, West Springfield, MA.

The Official Houdini Séance® has taken place at numerous locations throughout America and internationally with prestigious groups of Inner Circle members. This year is no exception. Inner Circle members include noted magic historians and collectors Fred Pittella, Arthur Moses, Dr. Bruce Averbook, Tom Boldt, Debbie Hardeen Bloom and Midge Markey.

The site of the Official Houdini Séance® 2023 will be Howard Blackwell’s Holy City Theater in downtown Charleston, SC. Blackwell, a longtime Houdini fan, has been interested in the exploits of one of the world’s most famous magicians. “Since I was a kid, Houdini fascinated me,” said Blackwell. “I had always wanted to participate in The Houdini Séance. I’m thrilled we can do it in Charleston.”

Blackwell will entertain a sold-out theater before the Séance. “We’re going to demonstrate the power of magic for this special group,” said Blackwell.

“The success of a séance is often determined by the skills of the medium. We are optimistic that our psychic medium will be effective”, said Radner. Well-known psychic, Andrea St. Amand, Charleston, SC will lead the participants as they explore the world of the afterlife in search of Houdini.

“I’m an optimist”, said Radner. “I want to believe Houdini can and will return.”

The Official Houdini Séance® 2023 is sold out. Members of the media may contact Bill Radner for additional information at 413-531-3333 (cell), rendar1@aol.com or Séance co-director Tom Boldt 920-428-2335 (cell), tom.boldt@boldt.com.

Welcome to the website of The Official Houdini Séance®! This is the only true and genuine Official Houdini Séance®. The Séance was organized by escape artist/magician named Sid Radner, and had been for many decades, until his death in 2011. Sid has trademarked the name Official Houdini Séance® and as Houdini would say “don’t be fooled by fakirs” (sic).

Sid Radner (third from right) and Helen Radner (third from left) with Walter Gibson (second from left) at Gibson's NY apartment for the 1948 Official Houdini Seance.

Sid Radner (third from right) and Helen Radner (third from left) with Walter Gibson (second from left) at Gibson’s NY apartment for the 1948 Official Houdini Séance.